Bienvenue «Chez Berlue»

At the beginning of this adventure, two french girls that met in San Francisco.
After a year spent in the city, we decided there was no way we would leave what we had here. So we decided to create our own business.
The idea of an upscale mini market came from the fact that we have been missing french products every single day we spent in the city..
We finally decided to take our chance and here we are:
Diane, a 25 year’s old girl from Marseille that studied marketing in Lyon and worked in Paris for a year. The Parisian life and stress have been funny for a while but just a while.. so Diane took off for San Francisco and stayed ever since !
And me, Julie (more known as Berlue), a 26 year’s old girl from Bordeaux who has been sipping wine since the day she was born. Everybody in my family Works in the wine business (or married someone who does ☺ ). We sell wine, we study it, we import it etc… It was obvious for me to work with wine. And Diane loves food, so we definitively make a good team!

Chez Berlue is an upscale mini-market located at the 1749 Union street.
Our specificity: We only carry french products that we love..
First step after coming in our store, the “Grocery” area where you can find black truffles, the best olive oils and Vinegars, chocolates, candies, cookies, mustards, crackers, jams,honeys etc..
Then you get to the “Fresh area” where all the cheeses and charcuterie (salamis, patés, foie gras, jambon de Bayonne..) are. Everything you need for a REAL french Apero!
Now, we’re getting serious with the last part of this store: The wine cellar, called here, “Le chemin du Bonheur” (The way of happiness). 500 bottles of french wine, all the regions are represented. A huge variety of what french vineyards have to offer..

Chez Berlue is very excited to announce the creation of the "Berlue Wine Club w/ a 'Twist' ".

Chez Berlue opens also on Mondays now!!

Starting today, the shop will be open everyday day from 11am to 8:30pm.

For this week's promotion, Chez Berlue puts a headlight on our chocolate truffle and a Loire Valley wine that is the Menetou Salon from Alain Assadet.

For all the french people "familyless" for Christmas in SF, Chez Berlue welcomes you for an "Open Door Christmas" at the store..

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